The route around the world

  • We are an international cargo agency, and we have been offering comprehensive international freight transportation and customs solutions for the last 25 years. We are eager to satisfy the needs of our clients timely, efficiently, securely and in a dynamic manner.
  • We provide an optimum service in the intermediation of international air, sea and land freight transportation. Hence, we are a highly qualified work team with lead edge technology, meeting the highest security and quality standards. With transparence in our processes and a solid delivery promise we have consolidated long-term commercial relationships based on trust.
We are certified!
We are an IATA fleet agency, certified by ISO 9001-2008 and BASC (Business Alliance for Secure Commerce).
Our clients are certain that we are absolutely qualified.

Los cuatro Principios que nos hacen diferentes:

1. We recognize your business
Your business is like you, unique, with unique characteristics and a unique operating philosophy. If you let us get to know it, we can adjust our services to your business. We recognize your business and treat it as it needs to be treated, in line with its unique sense of being.
2. Sense of belonging:
We will make your business our own and treat it as if it were ours. We know that a sense of belonging assures the efficiency of processes; we are your own foreign trade department and we want to become one of the elements of your company.
3. We go further to help you achieve success.
Not only we are your cargo agent, but we want to add value to your business, go further and support you in your commercial tasks; we will put our entire international network at your service so that we both can be successful.
4. We intend to do the miracle
We know that there are all sorts of problems in logistics and that this has consequences in terms of expenses. This is why we always think about doing the miracle when you really need it. This seems difficult, right? But those miracles in this business are a matter of doing everything that is possible and giving 100% in it. We will do that for you every time you need it.
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