Services of Aduanamos

We help our clients save money by reducing processes and using the import modality most suitable for their operation, reinforced by a permanent communication and joint work. Tell us your needs, objectives and requirements so we can support you in building a logistics solution customized for your operation with management, traceability and data mining indicators put together on a modern technological platform with access from your offices.
We act under the international requirements for security in the supply chain. This makes us a safe business ally, with the philosophy of looking for the best economic interest and a logistics approach to the exports modalities that facilitates the shipment of goods in the opportunity given by the demand of foreign clients. Thus, we bring the exporters and their foreign clients together in a technological platform that receives the purchase order to develop all the logistic process, making traceability in real time and giving access to information for decision making.
Determination of the excise position:
We have the experience and management of the key numbers of the harmonized system of merchandise designation and coding, executing a technical work in the determination of the excise position based on the attributes of the goods provided by the client who perfectly knows the products.
Advisory in Foreign Trade:
We have complementary services to the traditional customs operations of imports and exports and customs transit: we do the registry and get Imports licenses, we do integration agreements and excise classifications with the impeccability required by the control entities.
Customs Transit (DTA)
Under this Regime we offer our professional services that enable moving goods between 2 Customs Jurisdictions by particular conditions of the cosignatory or as a tool to make processes more efficient
Advisory in Foreign Trade and Customs:
Aware that the legal framework of foreign trade and customs is vast, we offer our clients advisory for the implementation of figures provided by the regime as instruments to facilitate foreign trade operations, as for example Permanent Customs Users; Highly Exporting Users; Enabled Deposits in their different approaches, etc. We also help our clients in training programs for the work team and their areas of interaction and influence to create synergies in the achievement of the business and company objectives.